Cougar Band Procedures

Required materials for all grades: A one inch three ring binder, page protectors, pencil, highlighter,notebook paper and band book.  All students should have all the above items in their notebook.  When music is given, you can put it in the page protectors so you will keep up with them.


Copies: Students will be given the first copy of music.  If the music is misplaced, it is the responsibility of the students to get a replacement copy for 10 cents per copy.  You may copy someone else's music in your section in the library or may sign a list for additional copies.


Rules:  1.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  2.  Keep our room safe for everyone.  3.  Strive for success.


Fundraisers: It is the responsibility of every student to support the group.  Some support the group through volunteering in the concession stand and other areas.  Others give donations and help during our fundraiser.  Please make sure you support the group in some capacity this year.  Our success depends on your help.  Please check the calendar for fundraising dates.


Lessons: Lessons are a very normal part of the band experience.  Lessons give you the one on one attention everyone needs to be successful.  The cost of lessons may go down with more involvement in lessons.  Lessons are for all grades and all instructions.  See Mr. Mitchell for details.


Website:  Always check this website for updates and changes.  You will find additional band information at  Check school rack for what we are doing throughout the year.


Practicing: It is the students responsibility to practice on a daily basis.  You are to cover what we have covered in class and be able to play your part as superior as possible.  Students need practice to help with kinetic memory.  Even though your brain knows what to do, you need to practice to help your muscles develop as well.




1.  All performances are MANDATORY for every student.

2.  Performances are 30% of your final grade.

3.  All students that attend will receive a 100.

4.  All absent students will receive a 60.


The following excuses will be accepted:


1.  Death in the family.

2.  Extreme illness, accident, or surgery.

3.  Religious beliefs or events.


If one of the above excuses fits your situation you  should contact Mr.Mitchell PRIOR to the performance if possible.  All excuses should be in written form, signed by a parent and turned in to Mr. Mitchell.


All other absences will  be considered unexcused and will need to be made up.  Make up performances will be assigned after school from 3 until 4 p.m.  Students will have to play the given music for Mr. Mitchell and/or and "audience" after school.  People who make up performance will be given partial credit (93).  There is no real way to substitute a make-up performances for a real performance.  Therefore, only partial credit will be given.


Concert Attire:


6th Grade - Band T-shirt, khaki pants, dark belt, dark shoes, dark socks.  (Shirts must be tucked in.)


7th & 8th Grade - Band Polo, khaki pants, dark belt, dark shoes, dark socks.  (Shirts must be tucked in.)


Every student is vital to the success of the band.  Please stay informed of upcoming events.  If you have any questions or comments, please email Mr. Mitchell at or call 931.840.3902.